Stefano Sedda


MArch at UNIGE Genoa, Italy. Equivalent RIBA part III, ARB Registered Architect London

Stefano started Seeding Office in 2010 in London, after previously co-founding T&P in 2005 in Genoa, Italy, an experimental atelier that crossed the borders of visual communication in a mix of architecture, theatre and art.
After focusing his studies on sustainability and new green technologies and working as an independent consultant for various Italian architectural practices, in 2008 he moved to London where he started working as an Architect in an international award-winning architectural firm.
Stefano found in Seeding Office the opportunity to express the idea that buildings talk to us through their language of shapes, and to participate in international competitions with a dedicated team, proposing innovative designs which have all been awarded and published in international architecture magazines.
He is overseeing the design of Seeding Office’s projects combining with his responsibility on the general management and business development of the firm.



Gonzalo Prades

Head of Design

BA (Hons) in Industrial Design at EASDV Valencia, Spain and Kent Institute of Art and Design, UK.

Gonzalo started his professional career as a Product Designer in Spain and New York, commissioned to develop bespoke products for private clients as well as lighting for industrial producers.
Intrigued by the potential of 3D modeling and Computer Aided Design, he experimented with new ideas in architectural visualization, bringing his extensive knowledge of product design into the architectural field.
He joined Seeding Office in 2012 after working in international architectural firms in the UK and Spain for more than six years.
In addition of managing and coordinating design concepts and developments for each proposal, he constantly develops research in sustainability, cultural definitions, new construction techniques, materials and design methodologies, to combine all factors and data that would influence the project into a systematized design process that provides a framework for collaboration by all parts. He is in a permanent search for new expressions of the form and functions through the language of shapes.