Dachas are part of a special and traditional aspect of the Russian life as they have always allowed urban residents to take natural and peaceful breaks away from the busy cities.

Dachas allowed Russians a fruitful contact with the soil, enabling them to create their own garden after the ground had defrosted from the long Russian winter. Nowadays a Dacha has become a seasonal or year round second home. Our design aims to strengthen the original meaningful use of the house and its relationship with nature making it not just an element to look at every now and again but an integrated part of everyday life. The spaces inside and outside are therefore linked together with no clear boundaries to allow for a constant communication of the ever changing surroundings.

The pentagon shape is a revision of the typical old dacha geometry and evokes a sense of belonging to the local cultural heritage; by the incorporation of natural and local materials together with new technologies an opportunity arises whereby light and landscape are viewed from each corner of the house. The purity of geometry and proportions of the New Dacha design present a way of transforming simplicity into singularity.