The way we think of a perfume today often has more to do with how it’s sold than what it actually smells like. The focus is typically on the shape of the bottle, the colour of the packaging and the images constructed by marketing campaigns.

There is another way to appreciate fragrance: the design of a sensory garden that proposes inside the shop a unique visitor experience through the use of all the senses along with a strong branding of the shop itself. But the experience will be not only to visualize with freestanding displays all the notes and components of each single fragrance and smell them through a device  which release a burst of fragrance calibrated to stay in place for four seconds, without spreading across the room. There is also the more exclusive experience of customising and tailoring personal essences in the central feature of the space, which  allows customers to understand the art of scent, their aesthetics and what they communicate and why they exist.

The concept design brings metaphorically the customers inside a magical cave, where materials, finishings, details, features create an intimate and elegant space for discovering a pure art form born near the turn of the 20th century.