For decades, the cellular office was the predominant office format in Europe whilst in the USA  an open-plan office was preferred. These office concepts are now being challenged and reconsidered by both new advanced technologies and an increasing self-awareness by companies.

Today the human being is now the focus of office planning. Employee productivity is no longer measured in terms of sheer numbers instead soft factors are now an important consideration where interpersonal contact is promoted.

The concept design proposed for a corporate office is no longer about the optimization of individual workplaces but is more focused now on carefully considering different work situations as well as the use of space.

As a result, the quality of the general space has improved with natural plants to soften the edges, the correct balance between natural and artificial light to evoke a feeling of daylight, an allowance for a human flow in any directions to give a sense of freedom.  It creates a healthy and dynamic space, open and responsive to a constantly changing operating environment.

The workstations, instead of being characterized by only a computer screen and an office chair,  has became a multi-functional place where employees work, meet colleagues, discuss ideas, have brainstorming sessions, relax, get inspired, in order to maintain their learning, adapting and flexibility.

Considering how technology has changed our daily life, this concept aims to respond by changing the whole idea of the workplace into a new space to work.